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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 11, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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this is the bay area's new station. kron 4 news at four starts now. the oakland a's will live another day game 5 is tomorrow. >> drilling night at the coliseum last night the oakland a's has done it again. that is our top story this morning a ninth inning drive tap off by a base hit from cocoa crisp. the drivea' ta
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lot. >> it all came out at once it was great. >> it was about been. they came back just fantastic a's baseball just like all year long. >> best game i've been to in my entire life. i have never been to an a's game like that. just incredible!. >> got a little sketchy. we three games. they came alive in a game for beating the cincinnati reds. the final score 8-3. three players hitting home runs the out that came. starting pitcher
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barry zero only lasted about two innings. >> the relief pitcher came in and pitched for striking out six here is what the manager had to say about yesterday's big victory. >> when you tell me would play a critical role in this series. which he did tonight. i know part of it was timmy in buying into what we were doing. he sa of thd your deftly think about it is a elimination game one of us to go home. >> at 10: 0 7:00 a.m. it is an early came here around the bay. the giants looked to clinch it all up. we will see what goes on again the winner moves on the loser goes home. >> all eyes on bay area baseball today.
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>> kind of weird weather today and find out what's in store. >> we will continue to see scattered showers this morning and into the afternoon. tapering off into the evening we will see the fog build a long coast. the system is spinning off that hit a sister day and it is still bringing scattered showers. we will continue to
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keep those 10th chance of showers throughout the afternoon. looking up to most in mid '50s san francisco, san jose. 57 currently in livermore. we're expecting more health centers in the afternoon. 73 for antioch. the upper 50s along the coast this afternoon. in in the north bay we are expecting low much in the way of company at the incline. traffic was very well out what foster
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city at the golden gate bridge and live look shows southdown 101 this problem free no issues with visibility. over to our traffic maps 586 interchange no accidents or the nimitz freeway. no backups on the approach for those heading to the san mateo bridge. james >> thank you erika now on to some news we cont.69 break in a homicide investigation of a retired schoolteacher and a mother for police have found the missing subaru of susie koe. >> donna and burn a washington lawyer--the couple is being spoken to about why they have the victim's car. >> recovering the vehicle is
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a real key to the case. we're not saying that these two are suspect at this time they are people of interest and may be able to point to someone who may be the suspect. >> the autopsy shows that the victim died of multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma. >> new details now in the developnoo. th to said his department relied on experts to win that dick and his heart goes out to that family and all the victims. both men were
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convicted of four murders were suspected of killing a dozen people in the '80s and they were island met and that means. >> back with more headlines the time is 4: 08.
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>> and were checking on wall street this morning. the dow jones fell 128. can actually 128 point 0.6. the nasdaq also lost about 14.80 at 3051. we will be watching
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the stock market all morning beginning at 6: 30 when the buildings we will see where prices go. u.s. foreclosure filing dropped to a five- year low last month as your homes or on track to be seized by lenders that some good news for the housing industry. >> although there does remain a sharp divergence the flaw of some of the measures in response to the global crisis helps the u.s. economy to grow at a pace better than there was reason to expect. bilbao a ministration the strike resolved by the end of the year the impasse between congress that threatens to impose this fiscal clip that folks have in talking about. those are those tax increases and deep spending cuts that are on the table. if both size and reach an agreement as an the fiscal cliff will happen.
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>> san jose based ebay had encouraged her is just to browse to collect items they may want to buy later with something that is calling the feed. the feature is reminiscent sites like interes--choppers can edit their feet by adding or removing categories in individual items the company is also launching a smart phone and have a computer at colicky may now.
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>> hale made his way into the bay. yesterday. it will show you the pictures from south bay in just one minute 0ñ@ñ
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>> hale! stormy weather is the information from stormy hill other areas in the south bay also reported seeing hale in the area. hale was the size of one half inch to invention diameter falling around for o'clock p.m. yesterday afternoon. >> and good morning james some scattered showers. gilroy was the place that the most lane about three-
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interest it '50s and places like san francisco san jose. 56 in concord. 56 in santa --winning about 59 degrees their 63 in oakland. into the south bay, to the north bank 71 in santa rosa. as we take a look at your 7 day around the bay it is showing us that we are expected dry weather ahead. they want up in store for a set to start to work week. >> we don't have any from the freeway is actually pretty quiet. of course we do have overnight construction around the bay area as we do have some
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lines close, however because traffic is so light we are not running to any slowdowns. here is the bay bridge toll plaza traffic as well for all three of the approaches. yet the same tale bridge west lb and he's done 92 moving smoothly into the tell lights out towards foster city. a look at the golden gate bridge shows no issues with visibility they will see traffic moving at the limit this pretty much the story for your entire comment. coming out of the north pay. he wanted to show 6the first boston backed up no delays out of antioch.
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keeping a close eye on the 58686 interchanges a little bit this noslowing coming out of the altamonte pass. >> back to some news firefighters are going door- to-door in san jose warning residents about a serial arsonist that is starting their neighborhood. % fires have broken, all in the area. no so far none of the
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you may want to team twice before tossing out medication as soon as it
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expires. some drugs are actually still pose and 40 years after their expiration dates. the study's author says that it be prolonged their shelf life it could save patients hundreds of dollars per year. a slight pulling for you the drugs in studhe1 nine your overall intent to carry her off campus. the girl was able to fight him off. he is suspected of trust passing on to to acquire schools where he allegedly made lewd comments to to grow and offer alcohol to to voice. he is accused of trust passing a quarrel elementary school he's in custody without bail. >> santa clara county sheriff's deputies have given the all clear after finding a suspicious package on and e t k +. a bomb squad was called to investigate the bus was evacuated and roads were blocked off after taking a close alert the bomb squad determined the package was not a explosive device. the
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group of 50 to 60 people gathered in snow park in downtown oakland marking the one-year anniversary since the occupy movement began in that city. it took to be a lighthearted gathering has people and police chadwick on another. the event lasted until approximately 11: 45 last night. meanwhile 20
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people were arrested after they entered a building in san francisco. the protest was organized by the group homes not jails or world home state. it started approximately at 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon they marched down 18th street in entered the residential building at castro street. once inside a huom
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>> and where backed national news at 4: 24. 12 people have died in the men's eyes outbreak. the problem has been traced to steer a rich source used for back pain. those victims received shot to retain it that step was
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made a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. that pharmacy has since closed. it is run by the s voter ncosp lweapons hd axes and knives canteens or cartridges that generates smoke are allowed under south korean guidelines for checked baggage and answers to questions of how he made to security and ride with lax with all that stuff. it is awfu all legal and south
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korea. >> elisabeth as colonus sentencing hearing is set to continue today after she pleaded for leniency she's no longer a monster who committed the attack against her daughter. she lost her temper last year with her child over pottage trading profits the child was hospitalized for days. recovering from having a meltdown from lsd. he came out of the station with his weapon drawn as a student at to close to his flippant. >> still had on the kron for morning news bay area baseball fans getting another chance to watch both teams fight for this championship highlights of alkanes when we come back.
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>> and labatt is 4: 030 you're looking at a picture of the coliseum. the oakland
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a's will play in game 5 of the division series. take a listen. >> a base hit to right field he is coming around and the oakland a's will live another day. that is our big story this morning everyone is talking about a dramatic comeback as the oakland and did it again. a ninth inning walk off win capped off by the base hit from cocoa chris winning run the a's are now heading to gain five. the ever have watched ever!
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>> the best band ever been to them! we've been to a lot! >> it all came i wanted was great. >> it was about the most exciting event! we were down early on and we came back. >> it was probably the best game i've ever been to in my entire life! and of into an a's game like that. playoff
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mentality and everything just incredible. >> the chances early on that sketchy with came back in the ninth. the tiles were going and we pulled off the was awesome!. >> has mentioned the case face off against the tigers tonight at the coliseum 6: 37 the first pitch the winner advances to the american championshi times cy young award winner striking out six. here's what the manager had to say about his performance as today. >> i knew timmy would play a critical role in this series which he did tonight. part of it was timmy line into what we were doing. he said
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i just want to do anything i can to help the ball club win. >> i think the biggest thing is i will try to go in like a normal star in your thinking in the back of your mind is an elimination game moscow home. >> off later on this morning the think it's an afternloser goes home. >> in oakland today as fans had how for the game the morning. >> and good morning you will deal with some scattered
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showers throughout the afternoon for those of you had it to the game we're expecting dry conditions this evening. as of tomorrow clear conditions put cool cool again on friday but more as we head into your weekend. >> satellite and radio are showing us a lot of rain in south bay. dry right now as cloudy cur overnight hours should be dry. 56 in
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concord. low 50s through santa rosa and 57 degrees through livermore valley resort to war to about los '70s this afternoon. 63 in oakland. 67 for he would. upper 50s for the coast this afternoon into north bay a mixed bag of '60s and '70s. upper 60s for novato san to rosa 71 let's take a look at to 7 day around the bay. nothing reported by the chp
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car instead tried is 13 minutes of intense. golden gate bridge south down 101 traffic doing pretty well not going county and our traffic map she will see all is well for i 280 coming out of the coyote by a ballet.vallek you erika we continue to track the prices at the pump it looks as though theycr n average. prices did drop on
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penny in san jose and oakland today's average of 01 $4.60 as consistent as a $4.65. the tree is priccheapest- test highs recorded price around the bay $5.39 that is the price a cupertino station . >>, to you came right now? >> $5 per gallon that will take me home. >> is that [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, aladdin bail bonds.
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bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> less talk politics here at 4: 40. as the vice president joe biden and his appointed leading kentucky. the race is morphing into a dead heat between president
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obama and mitt romney. >> the race for the white house is now focused o end danville ky. republican vice presidential hopeful paul ryan does not deny the vice president has considerable more political experience. >> the problem he has is he has barack obamas record. >> with the the polls-- mitt romney was viewed victorious in the recent presidential obeyed over president obama. this comment this ended up striking the message. the complete law back in chains
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--all the debates are tough but i'm looking for to. >> president obama told abc news he has confidence in his running mate. congressman bryant iryan is a st and of effective speaker. >> the reminder the vice presidential debate is tonight a presidential debate is set for october 16th in new york. you cannot both of them are bay area news channel on your comcast channel 193. are to get our signal of care to the to the digital channel 4.2. coming up the kron for more news to have an update with today's hot headlines and update
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>> a man was trapped for four hours under a pile in miami. 10 workers were hurt when the roof of that five story structure collapsed on the campus of miami dade college. one person is still unaccounted for because of that class is being investigated. if you ever plaister car's airbag in the
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past three years take note those air bags could be an unsafe take. the national highway traffic administration issued a warning that counterfeit airbags not work properly. they used a demonstration video we will show you right here to show what could happen. look at that! the that shoot out of the steering column in he'd resulted from these counterfeits. if you have had to back placed in the last three years you might want to investigate this. looking--genetic material from dinosaurs to still be used in cloning according to a study. the dna has a life of 521 years. researchers studied fossils to figure
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out the survival way. they used a hundred and 58 dna from leg bones from distinct birds that were 6000 years zero or more. some comparing the specimen scientists learn that after 21 years at the dna bones would break down and degradation continue until all the dna is gone. >> some scattered showers throughout the afternoonoff andg along the coast. if
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retaining you can see for the last few hours we saw some cells passed to our area and paying out because it is a counterclockwise direction f will keep the chances in the forecast for the afternoon looking will weaken expect of the next to me for hours on futurecast 4. pretty dry right now cloudy out there for the next few hours pass to the north bay into that food hour 0157. low seventies this afternoon 73 degrees expected for antioch 06 is open today. clause 7 is for the south bank of the '50s with the coast this afternoon and to the north bank of '70s expected there. for 70 degrees for annapolis '68 for novato in san raphael said it won for santa rosa and 60 degrees expected for downtown san francisco. we are expecting
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dry conditions, the remainder of the weakest your weekend in a warm-up getting back in the mid-80s by next week upper 60s are expected for the coast time right now 4: 48 as a check of the traffic with america. >> the last traffic report of the hour i'm not looking at anything to concern ourselves with quiet morning out there. not tracking any hot spots. again traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic has increased but no delays at the toll plaza. westbound traffic at the san mateo bridge tillites heading out to foster city no backups looked good coming down the nimitz freeway. a lot of green on our road licensers 13 minute travel from into in. over the golden gate bridge checked this out southbound 101 moves well with no issues in visibility. all is clear coming out of novato approaching highway 37 as we turn our attention to the
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peninsula no incidents to report in speeds over 50 mi. per hour. as for public transit you are good to go no delays whatsoever for a.c. transit, bart, or a stream number-one. >> fremont is getting some special recognition for innovation. this does come as a surprise to many. because fremont set out to get techno based s
4:51 am
the development manager says fremont prides itself. >> we have 30 to 35 clean tech companies. >> some policies deck these companies to come and stay here tax cuts. clean tech businesses are tax exempt for five years so are new biotech start-ups. as for biotech companies that have been around a two-year tax break. an attractive deal to stick brown. >> as well as this location is ideal as we are growing very rapidly we want to
4:52 am
recruit people as well as retain the talent we have providing a very exciting wave of major transition that has already happened. what is the flash-tell phone camel or the light pole in your home or the head lamps on your vehicle it is part of the revolution we are really excited to be a part of here. >> while fremont continues attracting new companies helping those already here to grow and expand is also a priority. in silicon valley kron 4 news. >> amtrak releasing record for ryder numbers off the
4:53 am
train company says the high price of gasoline is one reason for people are writing is passenger trains. in the near the rail service has carried more than a million people and ryder ship has increased in the last 12 years except for the period right after that and if s-id economic collapse. >> it is time for a quick
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>> winslow in the name once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. christina has more on this hollywood minute. >> trouble have again found * linseed low hand this was the scene out of low hantavirus family home.lohan. >> representatives forlohan.
4:56 am
>> a football star turned actor has died. he starred in the 1980 sitcom webster. he also had roles in the thinness of blazing saddles and victor victoria. he had kidney and heart disease as well as dementia. >> jenniferhwewwtt suffered an injury while boxing over the weekend. on the show she plays a mother who takes a job at a health spa only to discover some cd activities in the business. >> from hollywood minute
4:57 am
christina. >> here's a look is 7 day around the bay forecast we have sprinkled yesterday's press it down in the south bay where they got hale. as for today we still have a slight chance of sprinkles in the morning hours and minutes of the a nice afternoon the weather is just a nice and mild to the weekend. it is a slight warming as we get into next week than the general overview will get details in a moment. still ahead on the kron for morning news baseball is the talk of the town as both bay area teams stay alive in the battle for
4:58 am
the world series you have highlights from last night games. plus gas prices falling not by much they are falling will break down the numbers in a little bit. the relief may be on the way. and also the vice presidential debate is tonight president biden and paul ryan will be face-to- face.
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>> here's a look at current conditions. light at the bridge this morning with no problems. he spake conditions for highway 4 and interstate 580 look great. >> the san francisco giants pulled out a big win. after three games their bats
5:02 am
finally came alive in game 4. they beat the cincinnati reds 8 to 3. three players hit home runs. the story of
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5:04 am
the day onto tim would succumb he struck out six people.
5:05 am
>> we knew timmy would play a critical role in the city's--a series o. he said i just wanna do anything i can to make a ball club win. >> in the back of the mind your definitely thinking it's an elimination game one of us could go home. >> 10 no 7:00 a.m. is the next games this morning. the e got a little sketchy but they came back in that ninth. in the tiles are going--towels >> just in berlin there is
5:06 am
probably the best pitcher in all of baseball. the detroit tigers are banking on him and if the a's when we definitely will be the greatest because we would debate the best pitcher and all of baseball. --be eat >> the hottest ticket in town and all of baseball. maybe they can make a profit out of it by selling at. i
5:07 am
year-old case involving a missing hayward girl. police are now testing a bone fragment taken from a big hit that's linked to the speed freak killers. and the victim disappeared and a victim snatcher from a convenience store and 1988. the police called her mother and told her they were testing the remains found at
5:08 am
>> at looks like gas prices are going down all across the bay area. according to aaa the state average is at $4.69 a gallon in san francisco. in oakland and san jose the prices to come down a penny. oakland is averaging at $4.66 and san jose is averaging at $4.65. >> vepresentatives arebiden facing
5:09 am
off tonight in their one and only vice-presidential debate. they're just 25 days until election day. that will be in danville kentucky with the polls tightening the stakes are high here. the first presidential debate mitt romney was viewed to be the overall winner. you could watch the whole western style debate
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>> amtrak says the high price of gas is the number of right--a record people riding on the trains. writers should has increased in italy in the past 12 years--steadily. amtrak says last july was its best month ever. the service between san jose and sacramento and oakland in bakersfield had increased significantly. >> portions of the south bay's reported seeing hale lost gaucho's san jose said are saying they got some of it. it is reported that the
5:17 am
hill there was a half inch to an inch in diameter. it all fell on around 4:00 p.m. yesterday. we still have a slight chance of a shower? >> we do keep a chance of residual showers in the forecast. this system keeps looping and wrapping around but it has not been sacking as far down south as we originally expected. we could see some showers for the first half of the weekend. and you mentioned a hail and those to spouse receive more precipitation than any spot in the bay area. that all fell around the 4:00 hour and it came down fast and hard. is something we will definitely keep our eyes on this morning. the moisture we're
5:18 am
seeing right now sell off shore but it is looping so we could be contending with some spotty showers transitioning into the afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds is expected today and also expected to be the coolest of the week. temperatures are still below the seasonal average. looking ahead to see relatively quiet weather pattern but it will start to warm up as we head into sunday. we will see more in a way of '80s. current conditions it's chilly out there 50 degrees currently in hayward. into the afternoon expect the majority of sixties in the south bay we could squeeze out some of '70s for antioch fairfield and walnut creek. more shot sunshine for the north bay downtown san francisco is coming in at 58
5:19 am
degrees. we have been talking about the athletics all morning long. the fed game against the tigers began at 6:37 p.m. with low '60's at the start of the game. it will get cooler as the night progresses. he will needed jacket and the wind will be coming in from the west at 10 mi. an hour. seven they're on the bay shows patches of the sunshine as well as a possibility of what whether transitioning into the weekend. other than that pretty smooth sailing. and we will climb up into the 80 starting into the next work week. >> we have a pretty quiet ride we are not tracking any hot spots. and thankfully we have been problem free and
5:20 am
was found approached all morning. the san mateo bridge also looks good there are no problems or delays construction are otherwise get. in the golden gate bridge right also looks good with no problems across the span. the east bay ride on the shore freeway there are great additions with a 40 minute drive time from hercules to berkeley. the south bay conditions look great with the san jose one- on-one north found there are no delays in the 85 to the west valley looks good. the marin right is an easy one with a 21 minute drive time from nevada to the calling gate bridge. >> this morning sambar and residents are appearing in front of california commission to reach here in hearings over the deadly
5:21 am
explosion from 2010. the explosion killed eight people and injured dozens. it also destroyed dozens of homes. discus under way at 9:00 this morning in san francisco. >> firefighters went door- to-door warning people about a serial arsonist targeting their neighborhoods. several suspicious fires have from cannot and down stairs i wrong complexes. so far none of those fires have luckily not spread to buildings but the firefighters are concerned. >> we want to catch this person before they graduate to a larger fire and caused much more damage.
5:22 am
>> they size them academy where he allegedly made lewd comments to girls and offered to buy alcohol for two boys. the suspect remains in custody without bail. >> share of deputies has given the all clear after finding a suspicious package on a boss. a bomb squad was called in to investigate, the bus was an active ejaculateevacuate it.
5:23 am
>> that meningitis outbreak continues to spread and we will have details for you up next. we're looking at the golden gate bridge which is try right now and we will have more on your thursday forecast in just a couple of minutes.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>> the number keeps climbing 12 people now have died and nearly hundred 40 others have become sick from the outbreak of meningitis that swept across 10 states. the problem has been traced to the steroids have to see their. they're used for back pain. they're infections were received from tainted products that came from a facility in massachusetts. a second firm has agreed to temporarily shut down its operations for inspectors. the facility is operated by the same executives that run the first one.
5:27 am
a new study suggests more young and middle-aged adults are having strokes. 12.9% was recorded in 1994 and it has jumped. it also shows that the average age of people who have strokes fell from 71 to 69 years of age in 2005. this trend is seen in both caucasians and african-americans. >> if you replace your car's airbag in the past three years you do need to know that the new air back could be on safe and fake. the national highway traffic and safety admission is issuing a safety warnings this weekend. they use this video to show what can happen when a fake airbag is deployed in a crash. it explodes in your
5:28 am
face. and does not have the cushion. the whole point is the cushion. last month 10 that fake air bags were seized as part in a criminal investigation. it's just thrown in to you, it does nothing. so far there are no injuries or death as a result of the counterfeits but i obviously they're not effective. you are going to want to be careful if you replace your air back. go see your dealer. >> he was the vice presidential candidates squaring off in their first and only debate tonight. we'll have more on what you can expect coming up in a minute.
5:29 am
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welcome back it is 5:30 a.m. right now may be heard some marine. yet there could you
5:31 am
did not?--erica >> no i did not. the low pressure system was supposed to press this way southbound but it is still with us. we do have the potential for some popup showers as we head into the afternoon. local role in first impacting the coast line and the temperatures will be in the '50s and '60s. we have big changes to talk about coming into the weekend that we will talk about in just a bit. >> they're still in pretty light ride in the bay area. there is an accident is on the shoulder and should not affect you. new starting to see a little slowing for highway 580. 88680 still looks good as well.
5:32 am
>> the oakland a's will live another day! cocoa with the hits, it was pandemonium at the coliseum last night. we had to weigh all the way to the bottom of the ninth to see the land but any fan will tell you it was worth it. when will tran called in the cardiac kids earlier, i love that phrase. it was a roller-coaster ride i almost had a heart attack. they will face the detroit tigers tonight for game 5. is another situation where it is a win or go home. the giant stay alive yesterday as well. they crush the rest from 8 to 3.
5:33 am
three players hit home runs. he struck out six people and really brought it home. the deciding game 5 will be later on this morning. it is at 10 07 a.m., don't think you're going to watch it later. we are keeping our fingers crossed. >> if you are holding your breath for cheap gas, he should really brief because cheap gas is not gonna happen. we're saying a little relief but i don't call a penny a relief. plus what is this $5.39? was going to pay that? that's my this is certainly the
5:34 am
highest i have seen in the bay area. >> people are waking up to slightly lower gas prices. there is an open signed the pumps are on but the lights are off. they have lowered their prices about a penny over night. is a very slow decrease. some of the prices in the bay area and san francisco is $4.73 a gallon. and oakland is best for dollars and 66¢ a gallon. i am in san jose and it is $4.63 as well. hopefully you're not paying over $5 but this is similar to what triple a kind of predicted
5:35 am
would happen all along. with a pipeline and refinery problems it would drive gas prices up this week and hopefully drop by the weekend. that is has only dropped a weekend no--a penny. >> you're going to have to get back to me for me to get excited. >> housing protesters in san francisco broke into and then operated in a building and on castro street at 6:00 p.m. last night. san francisco police cleared out the building about an hour later. >> some of the people took to the roof where they were seen wearing the black masks and huggies. they began to
5:36 am
drill holes and screws signs and banners into the side of the building. at one point as section of metal chain was either from or fell from the roof and that was when the decision was made to go into the building. we were trying to pry into any further injuries. >> the protesters want the city to use vacant buildings to house the homeless that are around the city. >> the vice presidential debate is tonight between of vice-president joe biden and vice presidential nominee paul ryan. by then steam has not said much about the debate but we do know that ryan's preparations include mock debates on hotels. he also practiced in st. petersburg florida this week. >> what i'm excited about is that we get to offer the
5:37 am
american people a clear choice. joe biden has been on the stages before, it is my first time. what he can't hide from is print-as president obama as the record. >> romney saw his largest gain in virginia where he now edges of president from 48 to 47%. obama is leading in florida as well as ohio and 51 to 45%. the majority of the people said they made
5:38 am
up their minds before the first debate. >> the number of people filing unemployment claims has tumbled. this is the lowest level we have seen in four and a half years and hopefully a sign of hiring here in the near future. we will see how this unemployment news and packs the markets when they open less than an hour from now. we have a live look outside for ian with more headlines coming up in just a moment on the kron4 morning news.
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>> of bay area baseball team stay alive in the playoffs. the giants and a's won yesterday forcing game 5 stay. we're looking at 6:37 p.m. for the giants. sorry for the a's. the giants will be planning and-a-playing in
5:46 am
just a few hours. spectacularly high gas station prices and cupertino. prices have gone down a penny in but regular for $5.39 a gallon? we're looking at a penny less at $4.66 in oakland. obviously the station to get the memo and cupertino. the vice presidential debate is tonight is the first and only debate with 25 days left until the election day. if you would like to watch these to take this stage then you can watch are 247 news channel
5:47 am
193 comcast or digital 4.2. >> the person that was trapped under a parking garage for 12 hours in miami was rushed to the hospital this morning. at least two workers were killed and others were hurt when the roof of the miami dade college collapsed. one person and still unaccounted for. >> let's look at our conditions outside of the weather and traffic. it is pretty clear and nice on the bay bridge. we have our fingers crossed for that. do we have any rain on the horizon? >> we may see some showers this afternoon. that high pressure system that caused the hail yesterday is still rotating. right now all the wet weather this setting off
5:48 am
shore but it is going to sneak back around. we have the potential for some rain not only this afternoon but some scattered showers as we head into tomorrow as well. this system will even chilly start to sag southward an impact southern california and san diego but right now is situated in the bay area. with all of this instability we are keeping lightning strikes in the forecast. in to the 7:00 hour we are really just contending with clouds but not really dealing with anything in the way of rainfall. around 4:00 p.m. there may be a light shower for the delta. everyone else's religious contending with a mix of sun and clouds. in terms of current conditions 50s across the board. 55 and half moon bay with upper 50s
5:49 am
along the coast with their afternoon high east 60s along the bay and we may squeeze out some low '70's. chile conditions will persist as we head into the evening. during the week nothing the '60s for the south bay 65 in sunnyvale and we could squeeze out of the 70 for fairfield and antioch 674 walnut creek. , will conditions for the north bay and seven on tap for napa and richmond as and at 64 degrees. the seven they're on the bay the showing patterns of morning fog and afternoon sunshine. by monday temperatures in the '80s for your warmus in the areas and the temperatures will climb as we continue to head into next week.
5:50 am
>> we mentioned an accident that was reported in iran on the one-on-one southbound. --moran we are calling it a hot spot now because it is blocking the right hand lane and backing up the traffic on the southbound side. the right lane as blocked at st. vincent's drive, the rest of the commute looks great. this is added to the drive time which has pushed up to about 28 minutes from nevada to the golden gate bridge. the sensors are only working as far south as just past ignacio. we're not entirely clear on the length of the backup. we will continue to track this and a quick check of the bay bridge ride. we are a problem free here with no incidents yet reported. the san mateo bridge it is
5:51 am
as much commute with a 11 minute drive time and no delays across the span. the golden gate bridge is also an easy drive here. >> a lawyer for dr. conrad murray says that jail is causing his client health problems. marie was convicted for involuntary manslaughter slayer for the death of pop singer michael jackson. he has been isolated in prison because of his notoriety. now his attorney is complaining that murray's five by 7 ft. cell is so cramped that sent the doctor to the hospital this week with shoulder pain and blood flow problems. the asking the sheriff for an alternative solution which could include monitored home confinement. >> yesterday we tells about the man that was arrested at
5:52 am
lax for traveling with weapons and other items including body bags and a smoke grenade. officials say that that man's luggage was can when he left the airport but no hazardous materials were found. their definition of hazardous differs from ours according to south korean law all the stuff he was carrying knives and guns gas masks and hand grenades are all considered not hazardous. he was allowed to board the flight without extra screening. one of the top credit agencies will be scanning for discrepancies. some of this series that the series of looking at is moscow's santa clara sunnyvale in danville. this follows the august report where more-to put bankruptcy's were reported.
5:53 am
>> still ahead, sweatpants are a hot item and one u.s. city. we will tell you which city buys the most pairs of sweatpants next. it's gonna be someplace cold don't you think? we'll be right back.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>> sweatpants are a new fashion item, at least in philadelphia. philadelphia has and ranked as the nation's top consumer of sweat pants. i think the main track suit style. this is the second year in a row that philadelphia has been the sweatpants capital of the country. coming up pittsburg ranks
5:57 am
third. i don't see a lot of new jersey track pants wares. yoga pants, yes... >> we are going to take a break coming up on the kron4 an morning news we have a live the terror at the zero dacko coliseum in oakland. and that was the story last night. we are one to talk more playoffs and baseball coming up in a minute. also we are tracking gas prices they are awfully high but it does look like they're beginning to fall. not by much but by some. plus a check out this hail and south bay. i believe that was morgan hill we will double check that. we will
5:58 am
see what is in store for us today as it kron4 morning news continues.
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